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• DB9 to 14-pin cable
• Doosan Data Monitoring System (DMS-3) 1.4.1



Doosan Data Monitoring System (DMS-3) 1.4 – supplies following functions by carrying out the communication with the e-EPOS controller installed to an excavator and PC of a user.

• Monitoring – monitors the current information/data which e-EPOS controller has.
• Graph – shows the major sensor data of excavator as a graph, and can save the data to the hard disc, making it possible to check the status of the excavator by analyzing and comparing.
• Test – carry out various simulation by activating the output signal from e-EPOS controller by force.
• Diagnosis – shows current failure information and past ones which e-EPOS controller has.
• History – enables to analyze the working trend or style, which shows the operating hours as per each work mode and used hours of filter & oil.

Supported languages: English, Korean.


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